Afbeelding invoegen   Geography

The Morvan is located in the province of Burgundy, in the northern foothills of the Massif Central, in the cities of Auxerre, Autun and Nevers. The mountain was formed many hundreds of millions of years ago, according to the Ardennes and the Vosges. The Morvan is one of the oldest pieces in France and over the years somewhat worn. The volcanoes and mountains of yesteryear have become hills, the highest of the Haut-Folin in the Bois du Roi reaches 901 meters.
One finds in the Morvan no major cities. Chateau-Chinon, which is being called the capital of the Morvan, is little more than a village of modest size. François Mitterand was once mayor. You will find it cozy terraces and shops and several restaurants. The place is 11 km away from Vaumery.
Afbeelding invoegen   The lakes

The central part of the Morvan is very attractive because of the presence of several large artificial lakes formed. The region is very watery and that water is used to include the city of Paris to provide clean drinking water, but also to maintain the other waterways in France during dry periods. Because of the possibility for windsurfing, swimming, fishing and other water sports the lake of Les Settons and the less crowded Lake Pannecière are very attractive.
Afbeelding invoegen   Hiking

The Morvan has a lot to offer to the hiker because nature is made to the measure of man. One can go on an adventure without the risk of the high mountains, while the region still has the characteristics of a mountain: grand vistas, beautiful valleys. The people are friendly and welcoming and it will often be difficult to end a conversation with them when you meet. The Morvan does not require special equipment or experience; just a good shape and sturdy waterproof footwear.